Industrial Process Equipment

We provide a comprehensive range to Industrial Process Equipment, which includes Reactor, Hydrogenation Equipment, Autoclave, Ventury reactor etc. The vessel, the fluid, and the impeller are interrelated with each other and to achieve the optimum performance in mixing process our Industrial Processing Equipment are the best options. Solid Suspension, Solid Liquid Mass Transfer, Aeration, Fermentation, Chemical, Reaction, Gas Dispersion, Solvent Extraction and Homogenizing are some of the important features of our Process Equipment. Materials used in the construction of the Process Unit are Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum Incolloy and Hastalloy. All our products are of premium quality and completely safe to use.

Process Equipment :

  • We are able to offer the most complete & reliable machine. We also provide technical solution to the individual customer’s requirement.
  • In mixing process the optimum performance is interrelated with the vessel, the impeller and the fluid and we provide the optimum solution.
  • With qualification backed by sound practical experience, we are able to understand client’s requirement. Size right type of equipment for application which can-be used in to service for a long time.

Material of Construction :
  • C.S. Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Incoloy
  • Hastalloy

Capacity :
  • 5 lts (lab.Model) to 50 kl

Field of Operation

Liquid Solid Mixing Solid Suspension
Solid liquid mass transfer.
Liquid Gas Mixing Gas dispersion
Liquid Liquid Mixing Homogenising
Chemical reaction
Hear and Mass Transfer