Fractional Distillation Columns

Fractional Distillation Columns

We are a well-known for high quality machinery and customer caring attitude. We provide efficient Fractional Distillation Column. We design and supply total System including Re-boiler, Column, Condenser, Reflux device & Receiver. Industrial Fractional Distillation Columns are Systems for continuous as well as batch distillation. We also erect and commission Fractional Distillation Columns as required by the client.

As a Part of the system, we design and supply vacuum system for Batch/Continuous Distillation, which Includes water combined with Steam jet vacuum system to produce vacuum up to 1 torr. This system does not require any barometric leg thus can be placed even on the ground floor.

Raw material used :
  • Carbon steel
  • SS 304
  • SS 316
  • Incolloy
  • Hastalloy

Features :
  • Re- boiler or Distillation Kettle
  • Packed column or Bubble cap Column
  • Condenser conventional or Stand alone with integral reflux device
  • Reflux device
  • Receiver

Vacuum System for Batch / Continuous Distillation :

Water Jet in combination with Steam jet Vacuum System produces vacuum up to 1 Torr. The System can be placed even on the ground floor i.e. The System dose not require barometric leg.

Column packing offered are :
  • Structured packing
  • Raschig ring
  • Pall ring
  • Intallox saddles
  • Bubble cap design